We make climbing stones with a natural look.
In various sizes, with climbing routes for young and old.


Climbing stones (S/M/L/XL)


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We are in Hardenberg at the Recreation trade fair from 15 to 17 November 2022.

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Powerful & Functional


  • Our climbing stones are made of glass fiber reinforced polyester.
  • Our climbing stones are provided with a 2-Component stone structure.
  • Our climbing stones stand on or over a heavy concrete foundation.
  • Quick to assemble/move with a shovel or telehandler.

Climbing holds

  • Alpidex climbing holds and routes for every level
  • We have designed our own stainless steel anchoring plates for the climbing holds.
  • Climbing handles are attached with anti-theft bolts.

Fall zone

Fall zones are provided with play sand or sustainable wood chips. Advantages of these wood chips compared to ordinary raw wood chips:

  • Safer, moreover certified, low maintenance. , have a long lifespan, a natural appearance and the material has a fall-absorbing effect.

The accessibility of the playground for wheelchair users and prams will be increased.


Land van Fluwel

Boutique Parc Soof


Camping Sonnensee

Safety Certificate

The Kletterstein climbing stones meet all requirements set by the NVWA and are certified by the TUV Austria.
No rope, harness or climbing equipment is needed.

All Kletterstein climbing stones become
provided with safety certificate
Applied standards and other regulations:
• NEN-EN 1176-1 (en) playground equipment and surfacing-part 1
• NEN-EN 12572-2:2017 Artificial climbing objects – part 2:
Safety requirements and test methods for bouldering walls

Let's work together

    Finally we were able to expand our adventure paradise Land van Fluwel with an innovative adventure that is truly distinctive. The Kletterstein Climbing Stones are grand, innovative and challenging for all ages. An additional, not unimportant, advantage is the pleasant way of working together and personal attention to make our new climbing country Keikop something unique.

    Land van FluwelKees Vriend

    The Kletterstein team has done a great job devising and executing the theme.
    They were also able to bring the mascot to life!